What You Might Not Have Known About Your Artificial Christmas Tree

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The artificial Christmas tree as we know it has been a long time in development. There can be no denying the fact that is has a lengthy history which predates the surge in popularity that it experienced in the late part of the last century.

The very first variations of the artificial Christmas tree were made before plastic was a regularly used material like it is today. Early German artificial trees were made from goose feathers which had been dyed green. Although the idea was probably very novel, it’s fair to assume that the effect wasn’t very realistic. Early artificial trees had fake red berries on the end of branches which doubled as candle holders, this was before the introduction of electric fairy lights. Early artificial trees were often made from aluminium or wood, but today’s versions are almost always made entirely from plastic. But the plastic in question is increasingly either recycled, recyclable or both.

As is true of other types of fake trees or plants, improved technology and manufacturing expertise has led to the production of increasingly realistic models. Today’s artificial Christmas trees are more realistic than ever, with some even using genuine bark from real trees to make the stem. Undoubtedly this improvement in realism is behind the growth of the artificial Christmas tree’s popularity throughout the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Artificial trees are the subject of huge debate every year, with many arguing over the environmental credentials of the fake versions. Despite the fact that using a fake tree saves a real tree from being cut down every year for a number of years, the fact that the manufacturing process is harmful remains. Still, a modern artificial tree which is recyclable and which is used repeatedly over a number of years is not as environmentally damaging as some people might believe.

The two most commonly cited reasons for using an artificial Christmas tree are convenience of not having to buy a new one each year and cost. And although in some areas of the real or fake debate it’s hard to decide which wins, there is no question here. For the price of a real Christmas tree which can be enjoyed only once, you could buy a quality artificial Christmas tree and enjoy it for many years to come.


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