Make a Christmas Video to Preserve Your Holiday Memories

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Most families take pictures to remember the good times in their lives. These images are taken, developed or viewed online and then stored away. Taking snapshots of your Christmas moments is a good idea, but they can’t capture the sounds and animation of the holidays. Making a Christmas video is a great way to capture these moments. It will not only give you years of enjoyment, but you can also send a copy of it to family who couldn’t be with you to celebrate the holidays.

Today digital recorders are affordable, lightweight and small enough to carry with you just about everywhere.
They’re also easy to connect to your computer, so once you capture your video, you can save it to your computer and enhance it with fonts, background colors, online scrapbook pages and more. You can also share your videos online now quickly and easily on sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

camcorderYou can capture the entire family in your video simply by placing it on a tripod and letting it run. Just make sure that whichever room you use has adequate lighting and is neat so you don’t have a very cluttered background. Make sure your video recorder has an adequate battery supply. Always keep extras on hand during the holidays.

You can record each event for Christmas – from the visiting to the opening of gifts to the sharing of holiday meals. You may also want to try interviewing each family member and have them share their favorite holiday memory from both past and present Christmas celebrations. Have them talk about what traditions mean the most to them – this is a good way to pass those traditions down to the next generation. Later you can save each type of video (interviews, meals, gift opening) as individual files or compile them into one edited masterpiece of your entire holiday season.

Years from now you’ll be able to look back at these videos and remember all the good times your family shared at Christmas.

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