Artificial Christmas Wreaths – To Get One or Not

The battle between the usage of natural and artificial Christmas wreaths continues to be brought up every single year. On one hand, there are the environmentalists who say that the use of artificial Christmas decors, like plastic garlands and wreaths, are harmful to our planet. However, a lot of people say otherwise, stating that it is the use of natural decorations that is slowly killing our natural green resources. So, what is it really going to be? Will you go for natural or artificial this coming holiday season?

First of all, what are wreaths exactly and why do we need to have them?Why don’t we first start with what wreaths really are and where they came from. Ages ago, there were the people who worshiped nature. They were called pagans, and they believed that the nature gods are bestowing them favors. The wreaths used to be thought of as a sign when the gods have fulfilled a specific divine intervention for them. But when Christianity was established, the wreath took another meaning. Most believers said that the wreaths were derived from the image of the thorn crown that Jesus Christ has been given before he died. And since Christmas is the universal celebration for the birth of Jesus, it is only right to retell his story by means of the image of the wreath.

And since we humans are naturally curious, more story versions came to existence in an attempt to completely explain the wreath. However, amidst all the differences and inconsistencies that presented along with the many explanations, it can not be denied that Christmas wreaths are a strong tradition.

But stories are not the only ones that had many versions, as even the wreaths themselves as well. There were the original plain green ones, and then came the decorated and lively ones. And now, there is an abundance of the artificial Christmas wreaths all over the planet. But just as I have mentioned in the beginning, people ceaselessly battle for the positive and negative effects of using these artificial Christmas wreaths. If you are wondering why artificial Christmas wreaths are that popular, it is because are not the obviously plastic ones that we used to know before. They actually look very real now. In addition, the world is also becoming wiser with their purchases. So they go for the reusable properties of these wreaths.

Artificial Christmas wreaths are also very much available wherever you go- they are in the malls, various shopping chains and even in online stores. I know that the debate will never end between whether using natural decorations is better than using artificial ones or the other way around. Then again, Christmas is the only time of the year when people make it a point to be free of negative feelings. So even just for the account of the occasion, let’s look at the common ground of both natural and artificial Christmas wreaths.

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