Gifts for Kids – Alternatives to Toys

Many parents or relatives are stumped when it comes to thinking of alternative gift ideas for their kids instead of toys. But there are plenty of other gifts your kids may enjoy. Here are some great kid-friendly alternatives.

Activity Gift Certificates – If you’re thinking about getting a gift certificate for a store, consider an activity gift certificate instead. Certificates for the movies, miniature golf, or roller skating can be great choices.

Gift of Time Basket – Sometimes the best gift of all is the gift of time. Put together a collection of items that represent things you and your child can do together. For instance, a new football could signify a trip to see your favorite team, a package of marshmallows could represent a weekend camping adventure at a favorite campsite, or a stuffed elephant could represent an afternoon at the zoo or the circus.

Craft Project – Consider making a craft together. You can purchase all of the materials in advance and put everything in a box and wrap it in their favorite paper. Tell your child this is a project the two of you can do together. If you’re not comfortable building, say, a birdhouse from scratch, look for kits that will simplify the process. If that’s still too complicated, buy a LEGO set for the two of you to build together, or choose a baking project.

More Alternatives:

Books about a child’s favorite subject or by a favorite author

Gear for your child’s favorite sport

Costumes for dress up/playtime for the little kids

A large box filled with craft odds and ends including: assorted ribbons, bows, pipe cleaners, buttons, pom poms, stickers, paper, etc.

Give the gift of music in the form of an instrument, tickets to a concert, CDs, or a book about music

Science experiment kits or a book about science experiments

These alternative gift ideas are great not only for Christmas, but also for birthdays and other special occasions. Use your imagination and you’ll be able to think of even more!

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