Tips on Decorating Your Artificial Christmas Tree

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Although many people look forward to decorating their artificial Christmas tree, others just see it as a chore. Love it or loathe it, it has to be done so to make things as easy as they can be, here are a few tips.

Before you choose and artificial Christmas tree, check out all the options because some are available with lights. For trees like this, all you need to do to ‘decorate’ them is to plug them in. You can choose between  fibre optic trees, trees with just lights or even completely decorated trees. The problem many consumers have with trees like these is that they lack personality and individuality. A solution is to add personal decorations to a prelit tree.

If you have bought a plain artificial Christmas tree which is ready to be decorated from scratch, one of the first considerations will be the lighting. You should choose between either lighting in various colours or just one. Whatever you do, please don’t ignore the most important piece of advice there is about Christmas lights: check that they work before you place them onto the tree. There is simply nothing more frustrating than taking care to place your lights exactly as you want them on your tree to find that one bulb has gone and caused the entire chain to be broken.

When it comes to the decorations themselves, put the larger ones on the bigger branches towards the bottom of the tree. Not only does this balance the tree better, but it looks better too. After all, it makes sense that the larger, stronger branches will be better at holding the heavier baubles.

Generally, people decide to use a theme for the decoration of their artificial Christmas tree. This helps to stop the tree becoming a multi-coloured eyesore. So try and choose a tasteful colour scheme and stick to it. But remember that Christmas is a family time and there is no harm in personalising the decorations with homemade decorations which have been lovingly made by the kids.


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