Holiday Cooking: Keeping It Simple

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 As with any major event, the holidays bring a lot of stress to those that host the main events at their house. Normally, when we think of “the holidays” we are thinking about holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each of these holidays is usually celebrated with a big feast at someone’s house.

 While many of us enjoy the holiday food, we don’t notice how much work the host or hostess actually puts into the occasion. Unless, of course, you are the host! If you have ever hosted a large group for a holiday celebration, then you know exactly how much work it can be. Usually, the day of the event, you are pretty stressed out and just ready for it to be finished.

Well, when you are in charge of cooking a big holiday meal, there are several things you can do to reduce the amount of stress you have on the big day. Below are a few helpful tips.

 Set the Table in Advance. One of the biggest issues in regards to planning a holiday meal for a large group of people is making room for everyone and getting the table set. So, eliminate the problem and do it a few days in advance. You can easily get a rough idea of how many people will be attending your dinner. Then set up the appropriate amount of tables and chairs and then complete it by setting out the place settings with the glasses and silverware. Then, all that’s left is to place the food on the table the day of the dinner!

Prepare Food the Night Before. While you won’t want to cook the turkey or the ham the night before the festivities, it is possible to bake some of the other food the night before. Things like mashed potatoes, green beans and pies can all be prepared early. This will save you the headache of trying to cook everything all at once. It will also help you keep your kitchen in a more presentable manner on the day of the feast! When you are preparing food the night before, take the time to do any prep work that you can for the dishes you will be preparing the next day to help save time.

Prepare Extra Water and Tea Pitchers. One of the qualities of a good hostess is that she makes sure her guests’ needs are always met. This means that the hostess is aware of her guests’ beverages. Often times, the hostess isn’t able to enjoy the meal because she is consumed with making sure everyone has ample amounts of tea and water. To help save time, consider sitting an extra pitcher of tea and water on a small table, off to the side of each end of the dinner table. This will provide guests with the extra drinks they need and allow you to enjoy your meal at the same time!

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