Christmas Greeting Cards – Make One or Buy One?

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Every time the holidays come in, there is one particular thing that a lot of us look forward to: sending out Christmas greeting cards. Relatives, close and distant friends, even random colleagues, we all put them on our list of card receivers. As the popular song goes, Christmas is probably the only time of the year when good friends are truly dear. That is why when the holidays come, we all try to forget about our work and just focus on catching up with the lives of the special people in our lives.

Well, there are a lot of Christmas greeting cards that you can instantly buy from bookstores, retail shops and internet stores. However, why not try to make your own? Since you are trying to compensate for all the times that you weren’t there with your family and your friends, adding an extra drop of effort for your cards will make them more special and more heart-warming.

If you decide to do this, then better start off by buying the needed materials, like cardboards and colored markers.. Fold your cardboards the way that you want your card to be divided. Now, using your markers, draw and scribble on one flap, this is going to be your card’s cover. If you really feel like going more elaborative, you can also add more design materials such as photographs, ribbons, stickers, and more. After the designing, you can now proceed to put your personal and greeting messages inside the cards. You can now put your cards inside envelopes (you can also make your very own envelopes if you wish) and then drop them for mail delivery.

Home-made greeting cards will no doubt make anyone happy for the holidays, but bought greeting cards are also not a bad choice. If you have no time, or you have too many friends to individually construct a card for each of them, then buying would be your best solution. Then, as the saying goes, it is the thought that will count. As long as you make sure that your Christmas greeting cards will be from your hearts, then everyone who receives them will feel it.

You should know that having your Christmas greeting cards bought or made will not really matter, it is the essence of yourself that you put in them that would.. They are mere pieces of cardboards to begin with. And no matter how many illustrations are placed on their covers, they will remain mere pieces of cardboards until you do something to change that. Whether you are living far away from your loved ones, or they are just in the room next to yours, take the opportunity that Christmas offers you to tell them how much you love them.

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