Easy Ideas for Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

A fun family project during the holidays is to make your own Christmas tree ornaments. Here are some easy crafts that will soon have you making your very own ornaments.

Pinecone “Mini Christmas Tree” Ornaments


•Pine Cone

• Green paint (and optional white paint)

• Beads, glitter or sequins, yarn and small buttons to decorate with

• Ribbon

• Glue


• Cut a 6″ length of ribbon.

• Tie into a circle and glue the tied part to the tip of the pine cone.

• Paint the cone green.

• While the paint is still wet, sprinkle with glitter.

• Once the paint is dry, decorate with beads and sequins to look like ornaments on the tree.

• Optional – paint the tips of the cone white to look like snow.

Hang your “mini tree” on the big tree!

Green Christmas Ornaments Card cardIce Cream Cone Ornament


• Plain or  sugar ice cream cones

• A solid-colored ball ornament big enough to sit on the cones

• White acrylic paint

• Tiny glass beads

• Glue or hot glue

• Spray acrylic

• Ribbon


• Hold the cone by the base

• Place glue all along the inside rim of the cone.

• Place the ball ornament on the cone with the hanging side up

• After the ornament is dry, drizzle white paint on top of the ball.

• Sprinkle glass beads on top of the wet white paint.

• Let this dry overnight

• Lightly spray the cone part with acrylic. DO NOT GET TOO CLOSE TO THE CONE WHILE SPRAYING as this may melt the cone. This will seal the cone.

• Tie a colorful ribbon through the loop of the ornament.

Your ornament is done!

Balloon Tree Ornaments

You will need:

• Small, round balloons

• Liquid starch

• Newspaper cut into little pieces

• Corn seeds

• Glue

• Gold paint

• Matches

• Lace

• Pin


• Blow up the balloons until they are the size to fit into the palm of your hand.

• Smear the starch all over the balloon (you can use paper mache, if you’d like).

• Put the pieces of newspaper all over the starch and let them dry.

• Repeat the process three times to create layers.

• Once the newspaper is completely dry,  use the pin to pop the balloons.

• Decorate using the seeds and glue.

• Paint with the gold paint.

• Tie lace onto the match and put it inside the ornament to server as the hanger.

Hang on the Christmas tree!

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