Easy Christmas Meal Ideas for Non-Cooks

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Let’s face it – we’re not all Martha Stewart, able to whip up a fantastic holiday meal in a few hours while simultaneously making the house and garden look great and maintaining a calm composure. Some of us just aren’t born cooks. But there is hope for those of us who have culinary shortcomings. It’s called cheating. Yep, good old fashioned cheating in the kitchen. Here are three easy ways to do it.

If you’re able to whip up a few dishes, but just don’t feel ready to make a full meal on Christmas Day while trying to manage house guests, kids, pets, presents and assorted other holiday activities, you may simply need to plan ahead. Some great dishes can be purchased and prepared ahead of time and few people will be the wiser. Though Christmas may be about sharing time with loved ones, it is not about broadcasting a possible lack of talent in the kitchen or time on hand to prepare an amazing dish on the spot.

So if your kitchen skills are good and you just need a little extra time, you can try freezing some family favorites ahead of time. Forget about roasting a turkey or baking a ham – simply pick some casseroles or other dishes you know everyone in the family will enjoy, cook them a few weeks in advance and stick them in the freezer. When Christmas Day rolls around, all you need to do is heat up your magnificent meals, perhaps add some side dishes to complement the main meal, and you’re ready to go!

OmahaSteaks.com, Inc.But what if you’re really not a cook and can’t think of any amazing meals to cook in advance and freeze? Then you can resort to another method that may be even easier, although a good deal more costly – order a prepared meal. This method is only good if you have a small group to feed, as the prices for ready-to-cook gourmet meals are often comparable to eating at a nice restaurant. You can buy complete meals featuring beef, chicken, seafood, ham, and, yes, even a whole turkey dinner, from online specialty retailers such as Legal Sea Foods or Omaha Steaks. Everything comes ready to cook with instructions, and if you look for coupons, you can often get some great deals.

A more cost-effective variation on the theme above is purchasing prepared meals in the freezer section of your local supermarket. These days, you can often find some surprisingly good meals such as lasagna or roast chicken that you can bring home and heat in your oven. Some grocery stores even offer fully=cooked turkeys at Thanksgiving and Christmas. These will be more expensive than buying a frozen turkey and cooking it yourself, but less than ordering through a gourmet site, and definitely faster than either method.

So there you go – three easy ways non-cooks can win in the kitchen on Christmas. You don’t need super powers or even a great deal of cooking talent to make a Christmas dinner that is delicious and easy when time is short. Just remember it’s ok to cheat a little. 🙂

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