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Christmas Greeting Cards – Make One or Buy One?

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Every time the holidays come in, there is one particular thing that a lot of us look forward to: sending out Christmas greeting cards. Relatives, close and distant friends, even random colleagues, we all put them on our list of card receivers. As the popular song goes, Christmas is probably the only time of the year when good friends are truly dear. That is why when the holidays come, we all try to forget about our work and just focus on catching up with the lives of the special people in our lives.

Well, there are a lot of Christmas greeting cards that you can instantly buy from bookstores, retail shops and internet stores. However, why not try to make your own? Since you are trying to compensate for all the times that you weren’t there with your family and your friends, adding an extra drop of effort for your cards will make them more special and more heart-warming.

If you decide to do this, then better start off by buying the needed materials, like cardboards and colored markers.. Fold your cardboards the way that you want your card to be divided. Now, using your markers, draw and scribble on one flap, this is going to be your card’s cover. If you really feel like going more elaborative, you can also add more design materials such as photographs, ribbons, stickers, and more. After the designing, you can now proceed to put your personal and greeting messages inside the cards. You can now put your cards inside envelopes (you can also make your very own envelopes if you wish) and then drop them for mail delivery.

Home-made greeting cards will no doubt make anyone happy for the holidays, but bought greeting cards are also not a bad choice. If you have no time, or you have too many friends to individually construct a card for each of them, then buying would be your best solution. Then, as the saying goes, it is the thought that will count. As long as you make sure that your Christmas greeting cards will be from your hearts, then everyone who receives them will feel it.

You should know that having your Christmas greeting cards bought or made will not really matter, it is the essence of yourself that you put in them that would.. They are mere pieces of cardboards to begin with. And no matter how many illustrations are placed on their covers, they will remain mere pieces of cardboards until you do something to change that. Whether you are living far away from your loved ones, or they are just in the room next to yours, take the opportunity that Christmas offers you to tell them how much you love them.

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Give the Gift of Personalized Jewelry

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There are so many different ways to find personalized jewelry. Undoubtedly, there comes to be a time that many people stretch their boundaries for their collection of “personalized item”. There are only so many things you can decorate with your name before your outfits no longer look fashionable and they start to look frightening. So if you go crazy over personalize accessories, what do you do? Naturally, you give them to other people!

Believe it or not, there are a lot of different occasions during which it is perfectly appropriate to give someone a piece of jewelry that has their name in it or on it. Here are some great occasions in which personalized accessories are a sensational idea.Online Catalogue Freemans

Have you made a huge social error? One of the best ways to apologize to someone for small errors in judgment is to send a card with a small piece of personalized jewelry inside of it. The jewelry need not be overly extravagant. You can easily present them with a necklace that has a pendant attached, with the person’s first initial on it. It can be a bracelet you designed and made yourself, by stringing together alphabet beads. If you do not think the person would appreciate jewelry, think about personalizing something else: a small plush toy, a coffee mug, even a set of post-its can be a great gift to communicate how sorry you are for your blunder. If you’re unsure about whether or not the person will appreciate jewelry, consider personalizing an alternative item: such as a small stuffed animal, a coffee cup, even a set of post-it notes can be a thoughtful gift to communicate your apology for your horrendous behavior. One of the most obvious gift giving occassions is Mother’s Day–it’s perfect for personalized jewelry. A personalized necklace or personalized pair of earrings are both great ways to show your wife what a great Mom she is. You could also have a gift personalized for her that has the names of your children as well as her name on it. If you are giving the gift to your own Mom on Mother’s day you might think about having a bracelet engraved with your name and her name (or that is made from alphabet beads). You could even help your kids make their gifts for your wife and for their Grandmothers.

Personalized jewelry is not the first gift that pops into mind when people give gifts on Father’s Day. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t still an option. Men have been known to wear certain types of jewelry from time to time! Simple necklaces that have your husband’s name are a good example of a great Father’s Day gift. You could also put your kids’ names in a watch. Using a child’s name as well as a parent’s name on a piece of jewelry is a good idea on parental celebration holidays. Don’t settle for giving another tie. Personal gifts and meaningful gifts are better options!

Personalized jewelry always makes a great gift. No matter what the occasion, giving someone a gift that has been personalized is fitting. These gifts and accessories are often quite easy to afford. You might even be able to do the personalizing yourself if you are especially crafty. Thankfully there are a lot of tools out there today to help gift givers personalize the jewelry and other items they are giving.

Personalized gifts will always be appreciated. Remember: putting a person’s name on something is not cheesy. It is a touching tribute to the person who will be receiving your gifts.

How to Prepare Christmas Cards and Cliparts?

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It is an interesting hobby to make Christmas cards with Christmas cliparts. As these cards don’t require paying a bigger amount, despite that its ultimate effect is quite impressive and excellent. The ease of this project is due to inexpensive 3-D stickers featuring contemporary or vintage Christmas cliparts that you can get from a variety of sources. But don’t tell your friends who are going to receive the cards; they’re going to think you’re an artistic genius.

The materials you need, for the preparation of these Christmas cards with free cliparts are listed below:

Keep reasonable number of Cards and cliparts
You may find with similar envelops in the packets of 10 or 12, or in boxes with bigger quantities. You can use any size, but make sure your stickers look in proportion. And if you’re going to mail the cards and christmas holiday cliparts, make sure the size complies with U.S. Postal Service regulations. Although you can use shades of white or cream, your cards will be more distinctive if you use stronger colors and/or a background design.

Buy 3-D stickers to make the Christmas cards and cliparts. Flat stickers would not create a better impression, you can get the Christmas and Hanukkah stickers are available in the right column of this page and also at art supply stores, variety stores (such as Target), dollar stores or online, the rubber stamps with holiday messages and rubber stamp pad or ink (optional). There are a variety of pre-made stamps with holiday messages, or you could use a rotary stamp with letters that move so you can create your own message.

Bubble type wraps for mailing (non-compulsory)
Try to use evenly folded card stock, in case, you didn’t found you refold it yourself and crease it with your fingernail. If that looks sloppy, however, don’t use that card and move onto another one.

In case, you intend to mark an exclusive note within the case, do so, a little before you start to apply the stickers. It looks best to center your message from side to side, and slightly above center from top to bottom. You can use a ruler to make sure the distance from the edge on each side is the same. There may be times, however, when it might look better for the sticker to be slightly off-center, either from side to side or top to bottom. Let your eye be the guide if that’s the case.

Choose a sticker or a blend of stickers that appear fine ensemble. In case it is small think over pairing it with one or two more to create a design. Like the message inside, the sticker or sticker combination should sit centered from side to side, and slightly above center from top to bottom. If you want to include a stamped message under the stickers, be sure to allow room. Most stickers already have adhesive on them, so you won’t need glue. Be careful when you place the stickers; if you lay them down gently, you’ll be able to rearrange them until you get them into just the right spot. Once they’re where you want them, press hard to make sure they stay in place. If the sticker or combination of stickers isn’t secure, use a toothpick to carefully apply a drop or two of glue underneath to make sure everything stays put.

In case, you are supposed to send your cards by email, you may likely want to secure them with bubble wrap. Repeat for each card: Cut a piece of bubble wrap slightly smaller than your card, place it on top of the card and slide both pieces carefully into the envelope. This will ensure your card arrives looking as good as when you created it! For extra flair, use a colorful flat sticker on the back of the envelope to seal it.