Christmas Ornaments – Unraveling the Truth Behind the Tradition

Whenever the holidays come, anyone makes sure that they have Christmas ornaments prepared. These decors have been the known accessories to always accompany the cheerful spirit of Christmas. However, despite the fact almost all of us use these wonderful holiday accessories, not everyone happens to know the history that they hold.

The celebration of Christmas has been established by the Christians as a form of remembering of the birth of Jesus Christ, but this tradition opened doors for more practices to evolve.. And among these various new traditions is the usage of Christmas ornaments to adorn the also-known Christmas tree. But not until you really analyze it will you get to see: what exactly do these decorations have in them that makes them be related to Christmas whatsoever?

In the 1800s, people found the use of Christmas trees as a good way to enhance their celebration of the holiday season.. Back then, the main types of ornaments are in the form of fruits, most specifically apples and grapes. Because of the colors of both fruit (red and green) and their round form, they were the most sought after decoration. Since then, red and green became the basic color schemes of Christmas and the spherical forms of common decorations begun.

From such tradition came the Christmas bauble or Christmas ball, carrying the same color schemes and the very same spherical look. Because the use of fruits were someone wasteful and inconvenient, the Germans came up with these newer ornaments. But Christmas balls were only just the beginning to more intricate and fascinating forms of Christmas ornaments. After the Christmas balls, another icon in the form of the so-called ‘Santa Claus’ came into the picture. And since then, he was the inspiration of kids every holidays.

And as the years go by, the faces and forms of these Christmas ornaments changed. For one, they have been made through so many processes. In the present, we can even see the various forms of materials used to make them like wood, glass, metal and even ceramics. Plus, the varieties have expended accordingly. Now, there are also icons such as stockings, candy canes, Christmas bells, mistletoes, and more.

We can safely say that the traditions attached to Christmas have no particular connection to the birth of Jesus Christ. But if you really analyze things, you will realize that these traditions are not useless at all. Christmas ornaments and their corresponding trees are what we use to symbolize the cheerful feelings that we have every single year, and these feelings are what Jesus really wish for us to have.

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